National Bison Day – Bison on the Move – Stampeding

Bison Stampede Yellowstone National Bison Day Photography Packy Savvenas

My wife and I headed to Yellowstone National Park hoping to capture the elusive bison on this historic day, noticed here in Wyoming and in other northern states. We drove up to Yellowstone that day through the southern gate, but as we arrived we were told the park was closed due to weather conditions.

My wife and I were a bit disappointed at the time, but I asked the universe to please provide us with a beautiful site on the way home. Little did we know that we were in for the surprise of a life time as we started heading back. As we arrived in Moose City, I noticed people pulled over and out of their cars using binoculars to observe something with quite anticipation. This usually is a great sign! (Hiking in Yellowstone National Park)

We then noticed about 500 or so bison moving across the planes and I immediately asked my wife how we could get over there. She felt there was a road right up the way. So I headed in that direction with high hopes and to our satisfaction there happened to be a snow covered muddy dirt road that was obviously made for a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Thankfully we did not see any ‘no trespassing’ signs, so we decided to take our Honda Accord, which isn’t a 4-wheel drive, through this mountain road to get to where the bison were spotted from the highway.

When we arrived we were gifted with the most beautiful sight along with an intense adrenaline rush, as the bison were on the stampede heading straight towards the path of our car.

To say our wish came true is an understatement, as we witnessed the biggest most wildest stampede of wild buffalo that both of us have ever witnessed!

Attached are just a couple of the images from this monumental day that my wife and I got the privilege of being a part of. Plus, it just happened to be National Bison day! What are the odds?

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