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I help others become better wildlife photographers.

Tried and Tested

Packy has spent years in the field refining his craft, which means that his advice comes from a place of personal experience and is, therefore, consistently reliable. Whether you’re interested in improving your photographic skills, upgrading your camera equipment or sharpening your photos, Packy in-depth industry knowledge and wildlife expertise will guide you in the right direction. 


Unlike other wildlife photography instructors who have jam-packed courses that don’t actually allow for time in the wild, Packy teaches his students the essence of taking great pictures by allowing plenty of valuable time to practice in nature. He believes that taking pictures in the field is an essential skill for wildlife photographers and that with hands-on practice it can even be dramatically improved within 30 minutes.


Packy’s wildlife photography solutions are made to inspire new photographers to kick-start their journeys while helping experts level up their skill set and achieve their goals. He specializes in mentoring wildlife photography experts in order to capture the next chapter of their photography story.

Hi, my name is Packy, also know as the Greek Mountain Man

I am no stranger to the beauties a camera can capture; before I delved into wildlife photography, l photographed people, products and real estate. However my interest in capturing wildlife was kindled when I moved to the Tetons and that kick started my career and journey as a wildlife photographer.

An all-time ardent lover of nature, I developed a passion for Yellowstone and Grand Tetons when I was a child, and that passion has driven me to photograph the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone throughout the years. I have also been able to witness and photograph different species in North America (the likes of broad-winged hawks, eagles, owls, osprey, and those that can be found in our national parks), as well as across Canada and Alaska.

I have photographed not only birds but also mammals in the North American temperate. The mammals include but are not limited to grizzlies, black bears, moose, elk, and mountain lions.

My spiritual fascination coupled with my over 350 expeditions in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons have instilled in me a confidence that I can boldly say I know the nooks and crannies of this place more than anyone. This is why I am called the Greek Mountain Man. Between 2018 and 2020, I lived in (and had a year-and-a-half-long expedition in) the Grand Teton National Park with an aim to better myself while spending time with the wildlife.

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“When photographing wildlife, I focus on the in-between moments. I treasure capturing movement, the evanescent eye contact with an animal, the twinkle in an eye, the transitory light at dawn and dusk, and other priceless moments that often go unnoticed by the wondering observer.”

– Packy Savvenas

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