Hi my name is Packy Savvenas also known as the Greek Mountain Man.

The world's forests are my playground and I'm always ready to discover its hidden treasures!

I’ve harbored a lifelong passion for photography, captivated by the allure of people, places, and the stunning jewelry pieces at my parent’s store. In 2019, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity graced my wife and me, a chance to delve into the untouched wilderness of the Grand Tetons—the last of the wild-wild-west. Naturally, I couldn’t resist. The Grand Tetons then became the home for my heart, and my camera transformed into an inseparable companion. As I ventured further, I endeavored to capture the intense landscapes and the majestic creatures that call this place their home.

“Exploration and living in harmony with the natural world are my way of life. Through my art – paintings and photography – I hope to capture the essence of being a wandering observer amongst these life adventures.” 

Packy Savvenas