Hi, my name is Packy Savvenas, also known as the Greek Mountain Man.

I am no stranger to the beauties a camera can capture.

My journey into wildlife photography began when I moved to the Tetons and was captivated by all things wild. From bears, bison, mountain lions and moose to tracks in pristine snowdrifts! I’ve seen it all! My spiritual fascination coupled with 350 expeditions across Yellowstone National Park has given me faith that my work speaks volumes about our natural world; helping people reconnect not only physically but emotionally too.

Yellowstone Geographic

To say that Greek Mountain Man has a deep love for nature would be an understatement. For him, exploration and living in harmony with the natural world is a way of life. And it is through his art – paintings, photography and videography – that he captures the essence of what it means for him to be an authentic human being amidst these awe-inspiring surroundings. From the vast landscapes of Yellowstone to the endless expanse of the open sea, Greek Mountain Man brings a unique perspective to his work. And it is this perspective – one that is grounded in a deep respect for all forms of life – that he hope to share with others through his product line (Yellowstone Geographic). 

By offering prints, apparel and other merchandise that showcase his work, Greek Mountain Man hopes to bring the same joy to others as he has been able to experience in Yellowstone and beyond. “Manifesting fashion from deep within our humanity—that’s how we see ourselves at Yellowstone Geographic!”

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