Wildlife Photographer

Join him on a journey into the open wilderness, where he celebrates the wild treasures of the natural world through the art of wildlife photography.

Hi, my name is Packy Savvenas, also known as the Greek Mountain Man.

My mission is to share the joy and love I feel during these moments in the wild, raising awareness and appreciation for the diverse and fascinating critters that inhabit our world. 

Experiencing the exhilaration of being immersed in nature, far from civilization, while capturing stunning images of Earth's most remarkable creatures is truly unparalleled.

Stay tuned for my upcoming wildlife photography tip book (Mastering Wildlife Photography), where I’ll share my secrets for capturing perfect images of the animal kingdom.


When out in the field, I like to focus on those transient, in-between moments often missed by the wandering observer. I strive to capture these moments; this is what I love most about being out in the wild and our treasured national parks.


Packy Savvenas, comes from a family of entertainers. His father was the famous “Flying Greek,” a professional wrestler who soared through the air wowing the crowds. Despite his father’s success in the ring, Packy pursued a different path and became a professional photographer. However, he is still excited to help entertain the world, just like his father did, but through his own artistic journey.