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Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the wild, where each shot tells a captivating story of survival, beauty, and the untamed wilderness.

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I invite you to witness the majesty of wildlife through the eyes of my lens.ย I’m known as the Greek Mountain Man, not simply for my heritage but for the peaks I scale and the valleys I wander in pursuit of the perfect photograph.

For the second consecutive year, my work has earned me a place among the Top 35 Photographers in the United Statesโ€”a testament to my dedication to the craft and to the creatures that inspire my life's work. =

In my upcoming tip book, I’ll spill the secrets of capturing the animal kingdom in all its glory. Get ready to refine your skills and hone your artistry.

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Explore my most recent encounters in the wild. Every photograph is a tale waiting to be told.


Join me, Packy Savvenas, on an odyssey into the unknownโ€”a place where human footprints fade and nature’s pawprints guide the way.