My Return to the Moose

Two Bull Moose Female Moose

A couple days prior, I got to photograph the biggest moose I have ever seen in my life. After seeing such a sight, I decided to head back to Antelope Flats in Kelly to look for the infamous big bull moose once again.

As I returned it started to lightly snow, making for the most serene ambiance, while the moose moved closer to the river. This location was getting known for this moose and all his buddies due to their magnificent size. We were literally fighting for a excellent spot to get the best picture of these beautiful animals.

So, I decided to go ahead and get even closer to these bulls while still keeping my distance.

Once again, the big bull moose was laying down while we waited for hours with anticipation for him to stand up. Oddly enough he stood up at the exact same time that he did in the last photo that I took of him.

To our surprise there was a female moose that arrived while I was taking these photos. I didn’t even notice her presence until after developing the photo. You’ll notice in the background of this photo that it appears as if this gentle giant is hiding shyly behind the brush among her male counterparts.

Click here to view the last photo I took a couple days earlier of this massive bull prior to this one.

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