Bald Eagle taking off in the Grand Tetons

Eagle Taking Off Yellowstone Park

So here’s a funny story for you. We just happen to be driving around the Grand Tetons looking for something to photograph. It was the day of the elk hunt where the hunters we’re able to shoot on the elk that are in the National Elk Refuge.

What I noticed was there were a lot of birds around. Especially eagles! I remember saying to my wife that I wouldn’t be a professional photographer until I caught an eagle in mid-flight.

These are very smart creatures these creatures will keep an eye on you and as you get closer to them they will take off. This specific guy was sitting on a pole, I only had my macro lens on me which made it much harder because I had to get up close and personal with the eagle.

I walked up to the eagle I kept the camera up close to my face while inching closer and closer. As I moved the camera up to my eye to start taking more photographs this Eagle took off into the air.

I guess this means I’m a professional photographer now?

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