A Beautiful Sky, Lovely Moose and Happy New Years Eve!

Big Bull Moose Beautiful Blue Sky and Sage Brush

I decided that I wanted to spend my New Year’s Eve in the Grand Tetons amongst the animals and my wife. I was actually surprised by how many people were actually on this same path.

I literally drove down a road that would require a four-wheel drive. Why? I noticed a whole bunch of cars at the end of this road.

So I decided to take this route and when I finally entered into the domain of these animals, the moose. I was awestruck by the beautiful backdrop of the sky, the clouds and the Sun against the Mountainside.

Even the teenagers we’re going at it as if they were in the rut showing off on the road. I was literally surrounded by a family of moose having a excellent time enjoying their New Year’s Eve!

This was one of the most amazing New Year Eve’s I’ve experienced.

Happy New Year to you all, thank you for all your support and keep coming back!

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