2020 Wildlife Photography Award Winner

Get Better Wildlife Photo Today - Greek Mountain Man

6th 35 Awards

I was super pumped to receive word from one of the world’s largest photography competitions: 35 AWARDS. (Web Instagram | Facebook)

This year, over 123,000 professional and amateur photographers from 173 countries participated in the annual photography competition and submitted a total of 444,000 photographs. The photographs were judged in three different stages and 119 million votes were received. Ultimately, 50 professional photographers from 50 different countries selected the winners from the photographs that received the most votes.

35 Awards 6th Packy Savvenas

I am honored and grateful to announce that:

  • My photo was named as one of the 100 Best Photos of 2020 
  • I was named as one of the Top 35 Photographers in the U.S. (across all categories, not just wildlife) & Top 50 Wildlife Nomination
  • One of my images was selected to be a part of the annual Catalogue


Best photos in nomination

Top 100 Photo - View Entry Website View Entry Photography Profile Download PDF Results


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