The Pouncing Mouse Hunting Coyote

The Pouncing Mouse Hunting Coyote in the National Elk Refuge

It was an immensely warm 35° in Wyoming as February was kicking off. This was a shift from all the usual expected snow this time of year and, quite frankly, it was down right toasty to us mountain people. It was lightly raining, the snow was melting and the coyotes just happened to be jumping.

We decided to hit the National Elk Refuge here in Jackson Wyoming today. It’s literally in our backyard and yet I haven’t visited this place since capturing my unbelievable photo of the bighorn sheep ramming while in the rut. Click here to view that article.

We were driving around wondering if we were going to see anything at all when I actually happened to capture a coyote doing what foxes usually do. This coyote blended into his surrounding so well that it was hard to get this photo.

Even with the rain and overcast weather, I was so excited to see this coyote in his element hunting. It took me by surprise as I had no idea coyotes actually jumped and pounced in the snow looking for mice.

I know I’ve said this in prior post, but literally every time I go out for my daily photo shoot I find something new.

It literally was warm today. It was only 35 degrees, but 35 degrees here feels like 65 degrees in the Spring. I’m guessing that is why I saw most of the animals up high in the mountains. Their coats are thick and when the temperature rises to about 30 degrees I’m assuming it gets really hot for them.

We could see the grass on the ground just from one day of it being over 32 degrees. This in turn gave the animals a feeling of an approaching Spring; letting them have some fun today. After all, it got me out enjoying the weather.

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