Coyote in the Grand Tetons – On Route…

Coyote Grand Tetons - National Park

I had been tirelessly trying to catch a glimpse of the famous little Yellowstone Sasquatch. It was day 3 on the search for this mystical creature when I made another discovery within the range of the Grand Tetons. (Click Here to View)

I was making my drive to one of my favorite spots where this famous animal was eluding me. It was in a city called Kelly, right outside of the beautiful peaks of the Tetons mountains. Today seemed to be the day that my searching would pay off. I felt this way because the wind was picking up while blowing at about 20 to 30 miles per hour and the sun was shining. This made it just absolutely optimal conditions for animals be out and moving.

You would think that the warmer and calmer the weather the more animals you would see. On the contrary it’s actually quite the opposite. It seems these wild animals prefer harsher weather conditions along with higher wind gusts.

While making my way to my favorite location I happened to capture two coyotes(second picture coming soon) off the side of the highway at the edge of the Grand Tetons.

My hopes were high, as this was like visiting my favorite fishing spot. It felt similar to a fisherman’s luck when catching a little bass prior to getting all the crappie you’re going to catch for the evening.

So I pulled over to the side of the highway and started to photograph the coyotes that were about a mile out. Notice his eyes are closed due to the fierce winds being encountered that day.

I’ve noticed that I am becoming a better photographer just by photographing these coyotes. They can be quite tricky to get on camera due to the fact that if they sense your presence or even smells you they will take off like the wind and leave you hanging in the dust.

Instead these coyotes decided to stick around and even started to play with each other while allowing me to photograph them. So I took this as a sign that I would achieve my goal for the day; a Greek Mountain Man Goal that I have been trying to capture for three days.

And to my luck I actually achieved that goal!

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