Cow Elk amongst the Sage Brush

January 11, 2019Photography, Wildlife
Cow Elk Golden Hour - Grand Tetons

Here is a totally different shot from me. I noticed these cow elks on the side of the road on my way to my favorite location today!

It was golden hour and I feel it will warm your heart as it did mine.

These animals have eluded me this year. It seems to me that these fellows really don’t want to be seen.

Of course these are the females and they separate from the males every year. The females do like to stay close to the males but they do end up separating.

I have tried all winter to photograph the bull elk and every time I encounter them they either lie down in the sagebrush and hide or they just moved to a totally different area.

So as of now this is the best image I have of elk… stay tuned!

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