Bison On The Move

Bison moving across the Grand Tetons

My wife and I were on a journey through the wonderful back trails of the Grand Tetons. We happen to approach a section where a large herd of bison had been hanging out for the past month or two.

I noticed the past couple days that this group of bison have been missing. They were no longer in action and could not be found in their usual location. So, to our surprise, as we were approaching our destination, we were astonished to see the large herd of bison in motion before us. Their presence was magnificent as they stampeded across the highway and into this beautiful pasture in front of the Grand Tetons.

Now these bison were on the move and were not slowing down. It was as if they had seen a wolf of possibly had been run off a ranch.

The Sun was shining and the sight of this literally took our breath away. My wife had her camera on her so she immediately began to get video of the bison crossing. I will be putting this together soon for future viewing.

I found out today that these bison have been gorging other animals and other people’s farms. So the authorities and park rangers, as of today, are now moving the bison out of the park and then to a safer area. They have shut down many of the areas that are accessible by car while they proceed to ensure a safe relocation of these big beautiful creatures. Learn More!

This was a sight to see though. This was the second time my wife and I have witnessed bison on a stampede. It’s a huge adrenaline rush to be near such an incredible sight in the raw elements of Yellowstone Country.  The bison run right by you while you know not which direction they’re going, as they can change at any moment.

You can feel the thunderous energy through the earth while witnessing the stampede. The gentle snorts and bellows can also be herd as the bison pass by too; it’s almost like a song of sorts.

What I’ve learned is to stay as still as possible and to not get in their way. Being a photographer, at the same time, I try to do the best I can to get the best shot encapsulating exactly what is happening at the moment.

Yellowstone is a magical land and every day there is something new. You really can’t go wrong coming here spending time in this majestic place.

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The Greek Mountain Man will have you covered.

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