Join award winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker Packy Savvenas in a virtual/online wildlife photography lesson in Grand Teton and/or Yellowstone National Parks all while never leaving your home/office!

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Do you enjoy photographing wide-sweeping landscapes, wildlife in many valleys, and capturing intense colors? Additionally, do you want your photos to look like the ones in magazines? Or on the National Geographic website?
  • Start capturing STUNNING photos every-time! Most photographers over-think the whole process. It took me YEARS of hard work to realize this… but when I finally did, it changed my entire process.
  • My goal is to help wildlife photographers break-through their barriers and reach their full potential.
  • I’m putting together a online workshop of POWERFUL secrets that will show you how simple it actually is to take stunning wildlife photos every-time.
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Wildlife Photography Examples:

Wildlife Photography Lessons:
(Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Yosemite or Any Other National Park)

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$ 199

2 Hour Session

  • Get 20 years of experience wrapped up in a 2 hour online course!
  • Increase your confidence, improve consistency and properly expose your wildlife photos every-time.
  • Help you recognize optimal landscape situations with wildlife.
  • Learn to use any type of weather to your advantage. 

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I want YOU to take the best photo YOU’VE ever taken for any occasion. Over the years this is what I have become the most passionate about. “Your digital footprint is more than just another picture or selfie, it’s your legacy it will be carried on through the ages. This is what you are leaving behind – your story, your moment, and you will want it to be remembered and admired for decades to come.” Packy Savvenas

When you book a wildlife photography lesson you’ll find you’ll have made the right choice with no regrets.

That’s a promise.