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Wildlife is a wondrous yet truly unpredictable subject to photograph.

One of the most rewarding photography niches, wildlife photography is highly specialized and requires training to fully master. That’s why photography expert, Packy Savvenas (Greek Mountain Man), spends most of his days working closely with his photography subjects to equip himself with the skills he needs to capture wildlife in its raw and untouched beauty.

His expertise as a guide and wildlife photographer has lead him to discover the magic of the great outdoors, allowing himself to fully immerse himself in the joys of nature’s magnificence.

Grizzly Bear wildlife Photo by packy savvenas

You’ll love his photographs…

Whether you are searching for the best photographs of bears, moose, bison, wolves or even badgers, Packy’s breadth of experience will have you experiencing everything you need to immerse your senses in the great outdoors. While never leaving the comfort of your home or office.
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