A Hidden Spot in Plain View… Mormon Row

November 6, 2018Architecture, Landscape
Barns In Mormon Row - Grand Teton National Park

My wife and I were walking along trails in Antelope flats when we happened to come across these beautiful old rustic houses and barns. It’s a historical site called Mormon Row. We were so captivating by the sight of them, yet no one was given them so much as a glance, but why?

They had amazing energy and the surrealness of seeing them with the magnificence of the snow peaked mountains behind them was off the charts. There was something mystical about this place. It’s presence spoke in volumes that was carried upon the northern wind.

People drive thousands of miles to take a photo of the barn that just lies east of these. As a matter of fact, the barn that lies east of these houses is in so many brochures, magazines and other business collateral.

I personally wonder why anyone would be interested in a barn that has been photographed over a billion times and is displayed everywhere in the world.

I guess that’s what makes me and my wife different and why you should go with us when you’re out adventuring into Yellowstone Country. We’re going to take you to places that most people don’t even notice, providing you with the optimal experience, plus unique pictures that are hard to find.

I mean just look at these photos right here; they have a story. It’s almost chilling if you want to look at it that way. Memories from another distant time have been embedded in the remains of these rustic buildings. They’re just as beautiful as they are chilling; it’s all in the way it makes you feel.

I think the lesson here is that people should stop photographing what is popular and start taking photos of what they feel drawn to, wouldn’t you agree? After all, some of the greatest treasures are found with a hidden spot in plain view.

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