Photography Process
Start to Finish

Photography Process:

1. Conversation. This could be from a potential client reaching out to us through our “Facebook” page, a referral from a previous client, or a face to face meeting with someone looking for photography in Springfield MO. The conversation usually leads to us figuring out a high level overview of what the potential client is looking for and determining if it’s something we a) offer and/or b) are available for and/ or c) want to take on.

2. FAQ and Get To Know Each Other.. Our next step is to present the client with our FAQ page that will hopefully address most of their questions. On there, we answer questions like, “What’s your style?”, “What equipment do you use?”, “Do you only photograph weddings?”, etc. The more aligned we are with a client from the very beginning, the better the entire relationship will go.

3. Questionnaire. If we’ve made it to number 4, we’ve agreed to work together. YAY! Now, we need to get the information about your event. The basic details (who, what, where when, why) and the more personal details. Sometimes we will do this together during an in person meeting, but that’s not always possible.

4. Contract (If Needed). Next, we send over a contract. If there are any changes, we will make them and send back. From here, we will upload a finalized, agreed contract for an e-signature or if we’re able to meet in person, we will sign there.

5. Shoot, edit, and deliver photos. This process usually takes 2-3 weeks. We’ll give a preview of 10-20 images within 48 hours. Upon post processing completion, we will then deliver all edited high-res JPGS via a personal link where clients can save and distribute the images.

6. Arrival and venue scout. If we’re traveling a long distance we like to arrive and scout out the day before (if possible). Most venues are really cool about this, but some can be picky if there’s a wedding going on. We like to know where to set up the most important shots. A lot will happen on the fly, but the more we can be prepared for, the better. If it’s a local venue, we will try arrive early that day and do the same. We only get one shot at this people!

7. Social media preview. Within 24-48 hours we send you a link via email that provides you with a couple images from your recent shoot. It gives you an opportunity to share some of your professional images with your family and friends very quickly.

8. Editing and post-production. We do all of this ourselves. It would be very difficult for us to hand off photos to an editor that wasn’t involved in the entire process. We understand why some photography studios do it, but it’s definitely not our style. For editing, we use a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop.

10. Delivery of edited images. Here is where we give clients a chance to see the entire album digitally. The first link where they can view all of the images. The next link is where they can download and save all full high resolutions JPGs.